Thursday, June 21, 2007

Everything Seems Fine

I have not blogged in a month because nothing really interesting has happened in spectrum of religious discussions in my life. I have made a few more videos on you tube. I have been getting a lot of emails of praise from people about my videos. I have even got praise from Christians and other religious people. That has felt good. I am up to 330 subscribers, I hope to get 1000 one day.

My wife has not been to church in quite a while. I have not mentioned it at all. Her excuse every Sunday morning is she is tired. I am hoping she is going to stay away, but I am not going to stop her.

The atheist group I meet with in town is great. The people are very nice and one of them had a birthday party for their son and invited all of the people in the atheist group. So I went and took my wife. I thought it would be a good way for her see the other atheist are normal people. I made it a point to not discuss religion at all. A couple of people started talking about religion and I just walk away and hung by my wife. She was cool with it. She expected the conversations to turn to religion because of the group. It was a good time and my kids had a great time playing with the other kids.

The next week I went with my wife to her church's bowling outing. It was fun. I bowled five strikes in a row, first time ever. It is weird being there with all the other people who know I am atheist but they are all Christians. I wonder if they see me bowling well and wonder "Why is God letting him win?" It is funny to me. I used to pray before I bowled each ball. I am so glad I don't believe in that anymore. They had a drawing and I won a free drink too, must have been a blessing. :-)

Next week we are going to visit my father in law. He is atheist and we love to have discussions about religion and science. It is going to be hard to hold back with my wife around. It is her Dad though, so it should be fine. He knows that she is sensitive. I will blog about what happens when we get back.