Thursday, May 3, 2007

The truth

Okay right after my last post I figured out what to write.

My wife is having a hard time trusting me. I am not always straight forward with all the details. Last night I went to the pet store. Then afterwards I stopped by Best Buy, then I went to Bennigans and had a beer. When she asked what took me so long I told her about the pet store and Best Buy, but not Bennigans. I thought she would get upset about me going there.

Then she smelled the beer on my breathe a few minutes later and asked me where I got beer. I told her the truth at that point. She says she can't trust me and things like this make it worse. Why do I feel I have to hide things from her? It is like I don't want her to tell me no. I don't want to hear her argue with me about going and having a beer.

I need to be honest with her all the time.

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