Monday, May 21, 2007

Free Speech

My wife and I got into a discussion about free speech. She said there should be a line drawn. I disagree. I think free speech is the ultimate of all freedoms. Other than yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre, or anything else that would endanger others, we should be free to say whatever we want.

She said "So you think it is okay to tell your boss he is an idiot?"

I had trouble conveying the freedom to say something, and using discretion are totally different. I agree we should use discretion when choosing our words, that is the smart thing to do. But no law should be passed that stop us from speaking our minds. She started getting upset and crying, then she said she hated the way I was since I became atheist. She said I was like her Dad, who is an atheist.

I don't feel like I can voice my opinion to my wife without her getting upset.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Preacher Called

So I am sitting at work and the phone rings. I see the caller id is a number I have not seen in months. It is the pastor of the church I used to attend and the church my wife still attends.

Up to about 8 months ago I used to have lunch with him once a week. We would talk about religion and evolution and every other subject. It helped me sharpen my debating skills. I rather enjoyed it. I could tell that he was sad after each lunch. He felt a deep sorrow for me and my kids. He thought my actions would send them to hell.

Then he told me I should not talk to my wife about religion. I thought that was stepping over the line. I told him he had no business telling me what I could say to my wife. That was the end of the lunches.

So I am sitting there looking at the caller ID trying to decided whether to answer or not. I pick up the phone. I talk to him in the kindest of voices. He tells me he was just leaving my house a had been speaking to my wife. Oh boy...

I wondered if my wife had told him about being theist. Or if the pastor's wife had told him. Since my wife spoke to her about it.

To my surprise he did not bring up religion at all. He just wanted to check on me and see how I was doing. Maybe he intended to bring up religion but a coworker ask for my assistance so I had to cut the call short. I still fear he will try to disrupt my family under the guise of doing God's will.

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Wife Started it

I am so happy. My wife started a conversation with me about religion. I about passed out. I think it is great that she actually wants to talk about it now.

During our previous conversation she stated her belief that all religions are praying to the same God. I then asked her if she believed Jesus was the son of God. She did not have an answer. She spoke to her preachers wife afterwards and that is when she came back to talk to me.

She said that my becoming an atheist has strengthened her faith. I asked if it was her faith in God or her faith in Religion. She stated it was God.

I think it is a good thing she is starting to question things more and even though she is claiming a stronger faith I am glad it is not in a religion. The difference between theist and religious is a big jump and I am very proud of her.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Video

I created a new video. Atheist life vs Religious life. It is quite refreshing. I am getting a lot of good comments. I look forward to doing more. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I think I went too far

I went to a party Saturday night for a friend. It was a celebration for his promotion. I met a guy at the party that was a lawyer for a congressman. I asked him some questions about the patriot act and writ of ha beaus corpus. It turned into a discussion about the war on terror and I mention how religion was a big part. Well a girl at the table starts talking about how the bible is the truth and that evolution is fake and that carbon dating is wrong.

So we discussed all the points. I love to talk about this stuff with people who are willing. It always ends the same way. I give logical reasons and they eventually resort to faith and stop the conversation. This did not happen. The girl had a degree in chemistry so she had a lot of knowledge about carbon dating. I have studied evolution and religions a lot. I have not studied carbon or radioactive dating very much. Keep in mind she believed the world is 6000 years old and Noah's flood story was real.

She got up and walked away after a while. She was done talking about it. She told me I lived a sad life.

I saw her talking to my wife later on. The girl seemed upset. I walked over and apologized. I did not want to hurt her feelings. I forget that this subject is very matter of fact for me, but is very emotional for the religious. So when I am just making a point about evolution, they take it as a personal attack.

I think I went too far. I did not ruin the party but everyone she told is probably going to be upset with me. I am sure she is not going to talk to me at the next party.

One good thing did come out of it, I decided to learn a lot more about radioactive dating. I have a much better understanding of it now and will be well prepared for my next conversation about it.

I think my Wife is Theist

So I had a conversation with my wife Friday night. She told me she was still hurt I did not go to church with her and the kids. I asked her if she wanted me to pretend I believed and just go. She did not like that idea either.

She then gave me the "What if your wrong" argument. I told her that there are thousands of religions and how should I know what religion to pick. She then told me about her belief that all the religions are praying to the same god. So she does not believe Jesus is the only way. Although she has trouble admitting it.

This kind of shocked me. I see now that she is a theist in her core believes. But attends christian church. I am not opposed to being a theist. I just lack evidence to believe. Religions are just man made though. I just don't see an all powerful being interacting with the world.

I am very happy she told me.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The truth

Okay right after my last post I figured out what to write.

My wife is having a hard time trusting me. I am not always straight forward with all the details. Last night I went to the pet store. Then afterwards I stopped by Best Buy, then I went to Bennigans and had a beer. When she asked what took me so long I told her about the pet store and Best Buy, but not Bennigans. I thought she would get upset about me going there.

Then she smelled the beer on my breathe a few minutes later and asked me where I got beer. I told her the truth at that point. She says she can't trust me and things like this make it worse. Why do I feel I have to hide things from her? It is like I don't want her to tell me no. I don't want to hear her argue with me about going and having a beer.

I need to be honest with her all the time.

I am not sure what to write

I started this blog and I vowed to write in it at least once a week. I am not sure what to write today. I am starting to work on my next video for my you tube site.

I have some many ideas for videos that I want to do. I can't wait to get them finished.

My son is coming to the end of his baseball season. I hope he will start coming to the gym with me and start learning some MMA. He loves to wrestle so I think he will enjoy it.