Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Preacher Called

So I am sitting at work and the phone rings. I see the caller id is a number I have not seen in months. It is the pastor of the church I used to attend and the church my wife still attends.

Up to about 8 months ago I used to have lunch with him once a week. We would talk about religion and evolution and every other subject. It helped me sharpen my debating skills. I rather enjoyed it. I could tell that he was sad after each lunch. He felt a deep sorrow for me and my kids. He thought my actions would send them to hell.

Then he told me I should not talk to my wife about religion. I thought that was stepping over the line. I told him he had no business telling me what I could say to my wife. That was the end of the lunches.

So I am sitting there looking at the caller ID trying to decided whether to answer or not. I pick up the phone. I talk to him in the kindest of voices. He tells me he was just leaving my house a had been speaking to my wife. Oh boy...

I wondered if my wife had told him about being theist. Or if the pastor's wife had told him. Since my wife spoke to her about it.

To my surprise he did not bring up religion at all. He just wanted to check on me and see how I was doing. Maybe he intended to bring up religion but a coworker ask for my assistance so I had to cut the call short. I still fear he will try to disrupt my family under the guise of doing God's will.


Anonymous said...

wow... careful... Marimar

Anonymous said...

after watching your "confessions of a former christian", i've wanted to ask you, what would you do if some pastor tries to convince you of god, to talk you into becoming a christian again? what would you say? i feel very offended when someone tries to tell me things about how god would save me if i believe in him..but i wouldn't respond or debate about it with the person because i'm not good at words. maybe you could inspire me. thanks and have a nice day. :)

Jacob Duchaine (Writer Tank) said...

I started watching your YouTube videos today.

Then I traced them back to your blog.

Finding out that you're no longer active made me sad.

I just thought you should know that. :(

(Kidding, but in all seriousness please make new videos and/or posts.)