Friday, April 27, 2007

Blame it on Atheism

My wife calls me to tell me something she saw on Oprah. She said that African Americans have a higher rate of high blood pressure. Oprah said it was because of the slave ships. The slaves that had higher salt held water better and survived the trip to America. That just did not sound right to me.

I asked a few questions about it. What about the white people on the boats? What about other races like Asians that came over on the boats? Wouldn't the slave masters made sure the slaves got plenty of water to stay alive so they would not lose profit from the trip?

My wife got really upset with me after these questions. She says she can't tell me anything anymore. She says it was the way I said it. I believe I was just asking questions. Of course she thinks it is because I am an atheist.

I have been skeptical every since college. I question any information I receive second hand. I always look for a credible source. My skeptical nature caused me to be atheist, not the opposite.

She seems so eager to believe a lot of things she hears. Especially when it is someone she likes, like Oprah, or Dr. Phil. Sometimes she hears things and calls me and asks me to research it. This is awesome. She understands that there is a lot of myths out there that are accepted as truth when they are false.

I fear that we can not even talk about anything now. She is afraid I won't believe her. I guess next time she tells me something I will just keep my mouth shut. I will research it. Then email her the research. That way there is no arguing. I am going to miss stimulating discussions with her.


Jamie G. said...

That's too bad. During the first few years my marriage was like that as well. My wife was very insecure about herself and was intimidated by the fact that I, like you, researched stuff out and loved spirited discussions. But I won't be a prick and say ''try this'', but will only say I understand where you are coming from. Hang in there.

Anad said...

Don't think this will make you feel better, but I can sympathies. I have people send me stuff all the time and ask me if it's true (Am I the only one that can use Google). Then if I don't find the information that would support their opinion then they get made at me. Not my wife though. She's terrific.

Sandy said...

I cannot stand Dr. Phil or Oprah,especially Phil. (PUKE) For the life of me I cannot figure out why people are so drawn to those two like flies to a dung heap.